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Past Events

12/11/2019 Annual Business Meeting & Holiday Dinner
11/20/2019 CLE - Legal Remedies for Immigrant Survivors - Humanitarian Relief Options and Human Trafficking
10/23/2019 CLE - Language Discrimination - Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination CLE topic
09/18/2019 CLE - Common Procedural Problems in Surrogate Court Practice
05/22/2019 CLE - Ethics for New York Paralegals
04/30/2019 CLE - Matrimonial Practice for NY Paralegals
04/10/2019 Annual Spring Fling
03/19/2019 CLE - Criminal Practice in NY and Role of Paralegal
12/12/2018 Annual Business Meeting & Holiday Dinner
11/14/2018 CLE - Anatomy of a Software License - CANCELLED
10/25/2018 NFPA Annual Convention & Policy Meeting
10/17/2018 CLE - Sexual Harassment in the Work Place
09/19/2018 CLE - Mass Torts for Paralegals
09/15/2018 ESAPA Paralegal Regulation Meeting
08/08/2018 Paralegal Night Out on the Patio
08/01/2018 CDPA Member Meeting / Budget Vote
05/16/2018 CLE - Mechanics' Liens
05/01/2018 CDPA's Annual Spring Fling
04/21/2018 NFPA Region V Meeting
04/18/2018 CLE - Ethical Consideration in Non-Client Communication
03/21/2018 CLE - Digital Assets
03/01/2018 Cabin Fever Paralegal Night Out
12/05/2017 Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Dinner
11/15/2017 CLE - Commercial Bankruptcy
11/08/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
10/24/2017 CLE - Ethics for New York Paralegals
10/12/2017 NFPA Annual Convention & Policy Meeting
10/03/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
09/26/2017 CLE - Animal Law in New York
09/15/2017 ESAPA Education & Leadership Conference
09/12/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
08/08/2017 CDPA Board Meeting and Membership Budget Vote Meeting
06/20/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
06/13/2017 CLE - Legal Issues for the Emerging UAS – Drone Industry
05/16/2017 CDPA's 1st Annual Spring Fling
05/02/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
04/25/2017 CLE - Immigration Law for Paralegals
04/04/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
03/22/2017 CLE - Real Estate Law
03/07/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
02/15/2017 CDPA Board Meeting
02/04/2017 The Legal Project Uncontested Divorce Pro Bono Clinic
01/31/2017 The Legal Project Training for Uncontested Divorce Clinics
01/21/2017 Board Retreat
12/06/2016 Annual Business Meeting & Holiday Dinner
12/03/2016 The Legal Project Uncontested Divorce Pro Bono Clinic
11/15/2016 CLE - Excel: Tips and Tricks for Paralegals
10/20/2016 NFPA Annual Convention & Policy Meeting
10/18/2016 CLE - Ethics and Social Media
10/05/2016 Pro Bono Event - Short Film & Panel Discussion of Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall
10/04/2016 CDPA Board Meeting
09/27/2016 CDPA's Annual Membership Gala
09/20/2016 CDPA Paralegal Roundtable
09/13/2016 CDPA Board Meeting
09/10/2016 ESAPA's 2016 Fall Meeting
08/16/2016 CDPA Board Meeting & Budget Vote
06/21/2016 CLE - Workers' Compensation
05/17/2016 CLE - Entertainment Law
05/12/2016 Pro Bono Event - 22nd Annual Law Day 5K Against Domestic Violence
05/10/2016 CDPA Board Meeting
04/29/2016 NFPA Joint Conference
04/23/2016 NFPA Region V Meeting
04/19/2016 CDPA's 20th Anniversary Celebration
04/09/2016 Pro Bono Event - Uncontested Divorce Clinic
04/05/2016 CDPA Board Meeting
03/31/2016 Pro Bono Event - Raise Up Your Voice Singing Competition benefiting CASA of the Capital Region
03/29/2016 CANCELED - Paralegal Night Out with Adirondack Paralegal Association
03/15/2016 CLE - Advanced Microsoft WORD – Tips and Tricks for Paralegals
03/01/2016 CDPA Board Meeting
09/19/2015 ESAPA Fall Meeting
09/30/2014 2014 Membership Gala
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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